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Solstice Silent Retreat
December 21-23 2023

Silent Meditation -  Self-Realization

Stillness is a gateway to wakefulness, and silence is what lies beyond. In this silent retreat, you are invited to find the still point within as you sit, walk, breathe and listen to life within and without.


What is Awake Silent Retreat?

If you’ve been craving a space to deepen your spiritual practice, this silent retreat is for you. 


- 3-4 meditation sessions per day 
- Morning yoga 
- Walking meditation and solo nature times
- Deep breathing
- Gentle somatic practices for repairing the nervous system 
- Gong baths and sacred chants
- Guidance on themes of meditation and inner-work

What style of meditation?

You will be offered techniques to explore in your meditation practice drawn from advaita and zen traditions. However, many people have their own practices that they wish to cultivate with this dedicated container, and you are welcome to do that. We take a non-dogmatic approach to how you choose to meditate, and encourage you to keep the meditative state off the cushion. 


Is it totally silent? 

As a space of silent cultivation, participants are asked to avoid oral communication with other participants and to disconnect from their devices and online social lives. Facilitators will speak as needed, and be available for you to talk to about personal or logistical matters.

You will be invited to journal as part of your process of creating clarity, and you have the opportunity to share questions or experiences in written form that might get addressed in the evening guidance session.


Whith Zamir and Govinda

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Zamir is a yoga educator and holistic counsellor who's taught yoga and philosophy globally before settling in Costa Rica. Trained in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, he co-created a trauma healing program called "Patterns to Presence".

A dedicated Buddhist practitioner for the last 10 years, he has spent extended periods studying buddhist logic and meditation with Wisdom Master Maticintin. 

Govinda is the co-founder and director of Awake.

Mystic and entrepreneur, he went through a profound experience of Self realization 20 years ago.


Govinda spent the last 20 years on a journey of purification, integration and grounding of his bodies in  transcendental light and bliss.





To make this retreat affordable to the greatest number, we are offering the tuition of the Solstice Silent Retreat on a donation basis. Accommodation and food are paid separately. 

There is no minimum donation required, you are asked to give from your heart to support this space for others.


Accommodation & Food prices

Please view our accommodations page for the many options available to stay. 
Food cost for the retreat is $50 a day

Bookings and payments


Please contact Katherine: 


Payments options:

  • Wise 

  • Bitcoin

  • Paypal (send to friend)

  • Cash at Awake Uvita

  • Bank transfer (Costa-Rica, US, Canada, or EU)

  • Credit card (3% extra charge)

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