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Come enjoy some high-vibe cooking!

Cafe Cora

We serve plant-based, gluten-free, organic, homemade delicious food. The majority of it sourced from local farmers and all prepared with devotion and love!

Our meals include a mix of fresh raw salads, delicious raw dishes as well as a flavorful cooked section. Typical protein dishes served involve lentils, beans, chickpeas, nuts or mushrooms. We soak lentils, beans and nuts to make them more easily digestible or we ferment the beans and make soy-free tempeh or chickpea based soy-free tofu.


Join us for a meal

We currently serve dinners at 6pm every day of the week from Monday to Friday. We can receive visitors for dinner and appreciate receiving reservations by 2pm (although you can usually join last minute as well). 

We also hold Sunday lunch after our Ecstatic Dance Church at 1:30pm

Exchange : Pay by weight 1400 colones per 100g

To book a meal, inquire about the menu of the day or if you are too late to book and you want to ask to come last minute, please contact : +506 8612 7513 (phone or whatsapp) or write to

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