Ecstatic Dance Church

Letting Life Dance Through Us


May we offer our prayers, for ourselves and for this Earth, with our entire being.

May we surrender to the life force and to Great Spirit, everything is blessed if we allow it to be felt. 

May we reveal more of the Self, integrating all that we are as one ecstatic flow.

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a gathering focused on a journey through music and movement.  It is a space of self-exploration and         self-expression that is free from judgement and free from social expectations. 

An Ecstatic Dance is a dance that invites us to bring our attention inside, releasing any performance or social pressures, and allowing ourselves to be just as we are. The music is there to activate and resonate with different parts of our being that we are invited to bring into expression through movement. This journey encourages the integration of different parts of our being, the circulation of prana and healing.


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Context of Ecstatic Dance : 

- No talking : We have to leave the dance floor if we would like to talk to someone. This helps to create a sacred and ceremonial atmosphere while keeping the focus inwards. You may, however, express yourself through sound.

- Consensual engagement : Look for consent when engaging with someone or involving someone into your dance. Ecstatic Dance is more than anything an individual journey but you can dance with a partner or as a group if it emerges organically. 

- Freestyle : Dance however you wish, however your soul wishes. Let go of trying to fit in, or to be noticed, or not to be noticed, or to be pleasing to others. Connect to and reveal the deeper energies within yourself that are seeking for expression.  Trust that all is welcome.

When and how to participate?

We hold Ecstatic Dance on a weekly basis on Sunday morning. People can arrive from 10am for social time and enjoying the land/river and we'll start at 11. It is currently offered to the community free of charge.

Please join our Awake Events Whatsapp or Telegram group to receive updates as some sessions might be cancelled.