About Us

We Are a Seed of a New Earth

We are a Womb for the Starseeds & Lightworkers

We believe that humanity is awakening from a deep slumber into new realms of experiences. Something new is being born from the very core of Existence. Deep labouring pains still await before that rebirth is complete. Here we are, setting a stage in service of that individual and collective transformation.


Our Story

Govinda and Shivani met in Costa-Rica in 2015 and knew they wanted to give birth to a community project focused on awakening. As they traveled the world together, they realised Costa-Rica was the strongest calling. When they met Drew in Uvita, they found in him the qualities of a third partner who would help them ground the vision into reality.


Govinda bought the land in October 2019. It is located in the town of Uvita by the Uvita river. Below a picture of Govinda, Shivani and Drew :


We are an accelerator of humanity’s ongoing awakening. A field of celebration of our aliveness. We are becoming a community, a retreat center and a hub in service of the individual and collective awakening journey.


  • We are creating a field of energy/consciousness that vibrates in resonance with the most fundamental dimension of who we are, pure beingness. 

  • We are offering events, workshops and retreats for the broader community and we are holding spaces for longer term residents to rewire the focus and energy flows in our life, through a more conscious, connected and intentional lifestyle. 

  • We are cultivating a fertile ground for starseeds and lightworkers to fully connect to their soul purpose, clean their bodies, and be supported on their awakening & ascension journey towards a fully embodied 4th dimensional and 5th dimensional consciousness.  

  • We are providing accessible rental options for individuals and couples desiring to experience community living. We are offering functional and comfortable amenities for our bodies to feel held and supported as we explore, heal and transmute other dimensions of our being. 


Freedom & Awakening

As our name suggests, we are committed to our awakening in all our dimensions. We strive towards the liberation from limiting beliefs and patterns. We bring the judgements, reactions and assumptions of the personal mind in a new light, in an awakened awareness. As we awaken to our true nature, we reintegrate all energies of life as One.

Self Inquiry & Meditation : Self inquiry is the practice of turning inwards to seek and realize the true Self. We meditate on a daily basis to ground the awareness in our body, to process repressed sensations and allow a deeper activation of the kundalini.


Sovereignty : We learn to liberate ourselves from the forces within that seek to make us disconnected and more dependent. We reconnect to the true Source of love and life so that we might be sustained and fulfilled from within. We expose the roots of our attachments and dependencies and learn to surrender ever deeper.


Harnessing the Lifeforce : We cultivate the lifeforce consciously to pierce through the veils of the illusion and reunite all dimensions of our being. We identify the energy leaks and dissipative behaviors to strengthen and focus the power of our attention.

Embodying divine love

We are exploring the potential of human existence and recognise our body as the sacred temple and the portal of our spiritual integration and expansion. We choose and learn to be vibrant, healthy, creative, abundant and devoted to the most magnificent unfoldment of our soul and that of the collective. We become channels for all energies of life, merging as divine love, our essential nature.

Community : Our human nature calls us to interconnection and co-creation. We learn to function and evolve as a collective. Through authenticity and authentic relating, we become a powerful medicine for each other.

Service : The greatest privilege is to serve others in full embodiment of our gifts and abilities. We serve Life, Oneness, God with an attitude of gratitude and devotion.

Unity in Diversity : We recognise that all life is the perfect expression of the same divinity/intelligence (including suffering and evil). Yet we recognise that each individual is unique and has a unique journey guided from within. We are a blend of long term residents and spaceholders, medium term participants and short term visitors. This communal dynamic offers us to taste diversity while cultivating and honoring that recognition of Unity.

Honoring the Earth and the Elements : As we integrate higher levels of consciousness, we turn the consciousness back towards the earth to bless and enlighten our roots and all dimensions of our embodiment. We are learning and cultivating practices that are supportive, regenerative and nourishing to the Earth.
We are in direct dialogue with the elements and the endless play and balancing between them.

Creative Expression & Arts : Creative expression is a powerful dimension of embodying our divine nature. Through creativity, we consciously create and manifest our experience. Music, painting, poetry, wood working, garden and building design, pottery, food preparation are a few of infinite exemples. We also create in more subtle realms with our thoughts and the frequencies of our being where we realign harmoniously with the primordial source of all desire and inspiration.