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New Perspective Immersion

Wednesday, March 15th to Friday, March 17th

What are we doing here and how are we doing it? Is it time for some fresh perspective on life? Dream Camp shares practices and ceremonies designed to inspire exactly that in each of us. Held safely in the lush riverside garden of Awake Uvita, we explore connection. To ourselves, mother nature and each other.

The retreat will include:

  • Rebirthing Breathwork Ceremony

  • Authentic Relating Workshop

  • Waterfall Excursion

  • Psilocybin Ceremony w. live Heartsongs

  • Golden Garden Ecstatic Dance

  • Plenty of time to rest and wonder

more about DREAMCAMP:

Experience practices and ceremonies designed to expand your consciousness and overcome blocks to your authentic expression. These are our medicines:


  • Nature

  • Friends

  • Music

  • Dancing

  • Meditation

  • Authentic relating

  • Breathwork

  • Psychedelic Mushrooms


Optional Extras:

  • Private Reiki Session

  • Massage

Participating in these practices can have a profound effect on your perception of life. This journey is designed to be a jumpstart to committing to your own growth and development of personal practices.


The before and after care of those experiences are as essential as the experiences themselves. At Dream Camp you will have guidance before coming on site, loving facilitation during and check-ins after you leave.


We care.

We love.

We grow together.


After this retreat you may:

•Have new perspectives on and bring changes to your life.

•Trust yourself more and be more open to try new things.

•Do more of the things you love.

meet your hosts:


Clementine Casafina

Clementine Casafina is a unique event curator and facilitator. Her magic lies in remembering how true fun can be the drive you need in your life and ways to feel good about yourself.

She has been facilitating mindful living workshops, sharing circles, breathwork classes, reiki, intuitive art, voice activation and ecstatic dances. Her profound and energizing connection with music and all artistic expression take the dancers on a magic carpet ride through Tribal, Funk, Disco, Deep House, Downtempo and Jazz vibes.

Clementine’s fundamental values come from meaningful life experiences and learning from mindfulness masters like Thich Nhat Hanh, Mooji, The Dalai Lama, Eckart Tolle and others.

Clem's passion for hosting is born out of a desire to give permission for others to reveal their authentic self with ease through creating a space free of judgment. She listens attentively to your needs so you can focus on the present moment.

  • Facebook
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  • Soundcloud

Drew LaPlante

Drew LaPlante is the co-founder of the Awake Conscious Life Center in Uvita, Costa Rica and has a special connection to plant medicine, experiencing profound and permanent rises in consciousness and healing from depression. He has experience facilitating sacred mushroom ceremonies, heartsong concerts, fire circles and authentic relating spaces.

From the heart, he writes and shares conscious music that connects on a soul level. Setting spaces for authentic expression and relaxation. The spaces created carry a warm and welcoming vibration. He is passionate about bringing a whole group together into a positive vibration and sharing the experiences that have transformed him with others.

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Wednesday March 15th:

12pm Arrival

3pm Rebirthing Breathwork

5pm Silent Meditation

6pm Dinner

7:30pm Authentic Relating Evening


Thursday 16th:

8am Breakfast

10am Waterfall Excursion

12pm Lunch

Free time

6pm Dinner

7:30pm Sacred Mushroom Ceremony & Heartsongs


Friday 17th:

10am Brunch & Integration

4pm Golden Garden Ecstatic Dance

6pm Dinner

retreat exchange:

This price is in USD and includes all workshops, ceremonies
and accommodation for 2 nights per person

$390 Shared Bunk Room (in Casa Ola) up to 3 w shared bathrooms

$380 Shared Glamping Tent up to 3 w shared bathrooms

$400 Private Glamping Tent for 2 w shared bathrooms

$460 Private Glamping Tent for 1 w shared bathrooms

A La Carte Attendance Available

This price is in USD


$36 Rebirthing Breathwork 2pm Wednesday

$220 Ceremony 7pm Thursday

$255 Ceremony w 1 night accommodation 7pm Thursday

$15 Golden Garden Ecstatic Dance 4pm Friday

Payment options:

  • Wise

  • Bitcoin

  • Paypal (Send a friend)

  • Cash at Awake Uvita

  • Bank transfer (Costa Rica, US, Canada, or EU)

  • Credit card (3% extra charge)

awake kitchen.jpeg

food options:

High vibe buffet vegan meals served daily!

Cafe Cora, (Pay by weight - vegan, mostly organic, mostly gluten free - average 30-40$ a day) 2.25$ /100g

Communal kitchen (buy, prepare and clean after your own food - storage fridge available but limited) $15 for the retreat.

“Powerful and playful. Loving and spacious. I’m so pleased I decided to go to Dreamcamp! It is obvious that Clem and Drew poured their hearts into the program, and I got to know and love them both through the journey they created. I personally experienced a huge release and some deep insights throughout the weekend, which have changed my life for the better. I particularly loved the combination of breathwork and the mushroom ceremony, with a day in between. I haven’t done breathwork before and was blown away by it. As a result, I felt a new level of energy surging through me in the mushroom journey. The container of Dreamcamp was warm and nurturing. I felt super safe to go deep into myself, and whenever I came ‘out’ again, I found a group of loving souls ready and willing to connect. Dreamcamp has definitely given me a blueprint for a life I would like to create for myself! Thank you Clem and Drew for sharing your wonderful gifts with me! All the love <3”

Robin W,  Dreamcamper


If DREAMCAMP is calling you, 

reach out today

For bookings, please contact Katherine at Awake:

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