Unleash the power
of your FULL expression

Do you want to transform and shift?

Do you want to fully embody the powerful, sovereign and loving being that you are becoming? 

Do you want to bring light on your shadows towards a greater integration?

Awake Uvita is a retreat space and community center for personal growth, expansion and liberation.

3 Pillars of Awake



Life is all about relating and the way we relate can reveal and help us realize multiple dimensions of our being. Awake supports the revelation and ownership of the power of human relationships in day to day life, workshops and trainings. Awake is also about learning to manifest and hold an energy field as a collective. Cultivating shared values and compatible lifestyles to co-create harmony and alignment.



As we learn to look at ourselves from more perspectives and at new depths, we realize the patterns and programs that have been conditioning our experience and reconnect to the shadows within us that maintain them. Going ever deeper, looking beyond the realm of appearances, we also realize that our identity lies beyond our ideas, memories and narratives, within the nature of pure Spirit itself. 



We commit to the release of the patterns that we have recognized, diving into their roots. We release the blocks, tensions and resistances to the flow of the life force in all levels of our body, mind and soul. We reclaim our natural state as pure expression and channels of the essence of life.  As the deepest beliefs of limitations get finally released, we re-experience our limitless nature within the human experience.


Happening at Awake

We host and facilitate many different workshops, trainings, ecstatic dances, concerts and retreats. Here are just a handful of events on our upcoming schedule. For more, visit our events page.

  • Authentic Connection Workshop with Sequoia
    Fri, Dec 09
    Authentic Relating is the practice of relating with others from the present moment truth revealed in our bodies. It is a relational meditation that helps us feel more connected, to ourselves and to others.
  • Ecstatic Dance Church
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, Dec 11
    Awake Uvita
    Ecstatic Dance is a gathering focused on a journey through music and movement. It is a space of self-exploration and self-expression that is free from judgement.
  • Conscious Breathing with Clémentine Casafina
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Dec 12
    A moment for you to practice deep awareness, and you will be focussing on the pathway of the breath which will improve your natural breathing and your wellbeing. Its a great way to start the week with a body full of Qi, and a clear positive mind.
  • Candlelight Yoga with Karuna Ma
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Dec 13
    Gentle therapeutic and meditative Self-Awakening Yoga movement inquiries, followed by Yoga Nidra and gentle healing touch with aromatherapy.
  • DREAM CAMP Immersion
    Fri, Dec 16
    Consciousness-expanding summer camp. For adults. DREAM CAMP Immersion is a 3 day deeper dive into our authentic selves guided by Clementine Casafina & Drew LaPlante.
  • Realize Retreat
    Sat, Dec 24
    Awake Uvita
    Tune into the deepest realms of your being and realize your true nature
  • TRIBALIZE Costa Rica Summit
    Fri, Jan 13
    Tribalize is an international community activation, part tribal gathering, part conference and part community mastermind. If you are interested or involved in community building at any level, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect, get inspired, learn and network.
  • TRU Yoga Teacher Training
    Sat, Apr 01
    A 200hr Certification Experience in Costa Rica to strengthen your skills as a leader and deepen your understanding of ancient practices to foster real inner transformation within yourself and your students.