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Awakener Journey Retreat at Awake Uvita, Costa Rica
Get the absolute most out of your visit to Awake.

Are you craving a deeper connection to other like-minded souls and nature?

Awake is now offering guided and all-inclusive, week-long immersions into all of our community practices & celebrations.

Discover Awake: a haven for personal growth and connection, a conscious life center and a community hub surrounded by the inspiring beauty of Costa Rica's mountains, rivers and ocean.

Experience the magic of this unique landscape while awakening your true potential and authenticity.

Awake is held by a heart-centered team living in community. We are committed to growth and transformation and devoted to sharing practices, workshops events and retreats that foster deeper connection and awakening.

Are you ready to rediscover your authentic Self and experience holistic transformation?
Do you wish to release the blocks keeping you stuck and embrace a life of self-leadership, creativity and empowerment?

3 Principles of Awake


Awake fosters powerful human connections, revealing our being's dimensions while cultivating collective energy fields for harmonious living.


Exploring ourselves deeply reveals patterns and conditioning, reconnecting with our shadows, while discovering our identity in pure Spirit.


Committing to release recognized patterns, we unblock life force flow and reclaim our limitless nature within human experience


From Our Guests

Yoga Teacher training testimonial, Awake Uvita Costa Rica

"Awake is a wonderful place to stay if you are looking for a conscious loving community! I initially came here for yoga teacher training for a month. I decided to stay back for a couple weeks longer because of how supportive and nourishing I found the people and land to be. Everything from their weekly events, intentional food, sacred land, and kind-hearted souls made me feel so at home the moment I arrived.

I also didn’t realize how powerful the sisterhood is here, and as a woman, it was the most healing gift I could have asked for. I highly recommend Awake for anyone who is on their own path of growth or healing. It is a magical place like no other!!"

Arzina, Yoga Teacher, California

Happening at Awake

We host and facilitate many different workshops, trainings, ecstatic dances, concerts and retreats. Here are just a handful of events on our upcoming schedule. For more, visit our events page.

Upcoming Retreat

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