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Yoga Month @ Awake

May is yoga month at Awake! 

Are you ready to be immersed in yoga with daily meditation practice, yoga classes, sattvic vegan food, beautiful nature? Read on!

This is a special invitation for yoga seekers looking to deepen their practice hosted by our YTT faculty, with access to select workshops from our yoga teacher training program. 



To create a dedicated container for people focused on holistic development of their yoga practice.

To attract yoga seekers that can share practice together and deepen in their yoga offering.

To give students a glimpse of our deeper yoga training at Awake

Awake - A Costa Rica Yoga Sanctuary

How it works

You have the opportunity to stay at Awake for a minimum of 1 week, to participate in our daily classes and select 3 workshops per week from the teacher training program.

Here is the list with the workshops you can choose from:


  • Week 1: (May 6-10) 

  • Time 10-11:30 am


Yoga Philosophy Workshop : Karma to Dharma (May 6)

The ancient teachings of yoga empower you to re-shape your mental habits, physical health, relationship dynamics and connection to existence. 


In this workshop you will be introduced to the yogic knowledge and processes that makes this possible.


We will:


Unpack the meaning of the word “karma” - as well as dispell common myths surrounding it - as we examine how it dictates our experience of life 


Explore the vast and rich meaning of the word ‘dharma’ and why it is the fundamental principle that helps us create the life that we truly want


Explain the yogic view of how our thoughts, feelings and choices can be directed to a deeper purpose that connects us with the evolutionary process

Somatic Workshop: The Body Oracle (May 8)

What if your body was one of your greatest allies? Meaning that by turning towards the sensations of the body, you can tune into what’s really going on in your life?


Soul-Somatic Inquiry uses practical & mystical modalities that invites curiosity— the portal to creativity, intuition and our innate healing capacities & wisdom.


The framework for these inquiries ranges from explorations in movement, postures, body sensing, dialoguing with “parts”, identifying negative core beliefs, affirmations, aroma point therapy, (essential oils on acupoints) authentic relating & core energetic principles.


As we become familiar with the messages brought forth from the nervous system we begin the journey into sense making. 


Here is where we systematically receive guidance and formulate our own inner standing of what was, what is and what will be.

Sound Yoga: Mantras and Myths of India (May 10)

India is a land of story, a place where the Gods show up to play and communicate in the language of nature and soul. The basis of the Sanskrit language was downloaded by the great Seers of old in the form of mantra - mystical energies encased in sound. Some say each letter corresponds to a divine energy, hence the name of the Sanskrit alphabet “Devanagari: the city of the gods”.


In this workshop, we will explore the mythic stories and mystic truths behind the mantras we’ve come to love in the eastern traditions of India. We will also chant them together and open our voices through simple exercises in Indian Music. 

  • Week 2 (May 13-17)
    Yoga Philosophy Workshop : The Yogic Blueprint
    Somatic Workshop: Polyvagal Theory and The Gunas
    Sound Yoga: Kirtan and Devotional Music


  • Week 3 (May 20 - 24)
    Yoga Philosophy Workshop: Samkhya Philosophy
    Asana Clinic: Yoga alignment & Sequencing
    Somatic Workshop: Yoga for Deep Relaxation

In addition to yoga offerings, you will be in a holistic development space with offerings from other Awake teachers and practitioners such as:

  • Authentic Relating

  • Breathwork

  • Circling

  • Contact Improvisation

  • Creative Purpose Coaching

Important Notes

There is a yoga teacher training taking place for the month of May. If you want a deep dive that allows you to attend the whole program, we recommend you sign-up for the YTT. 

The Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive program, we will only be opening up a workshop 3x a week, the rest of the time you will have to be focused on your own practice, as well as coming to daily meditation and morning yoga classes. 

Choose the Yoga experience you want

During Yoga month, for every week you stay at Awake you get: 

  • 3 Yoga Workshops from the YTT program

  • Daily Yoga Classes

  • Daily Meditations

  • Access to Authentic Relating, Ecstatic Dance and other events.

Cost: $200 per week (not including food and accommodation)


OR apply for the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) if you want become certified as a holistic yoga teacher.

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