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A Magical Yoga Retreat Experience in Costa Rica

Deepen Your Practice, Connect with Nature, and Nurture Your Soul at Our Riverfront Spiritual Sanctuary

Welcome to Awake Uvita, a riverfront sanctuary nestled in the heart of beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica. Our 6-hectare spiritual awakening center offers guests the unique opportunity to connect with their inner selves, explore authenticity, and immerse themselves in a transformative journey through yoga, meditation, dance, breathwork and much more.


Experience the bliss of our weekly rhythm of events and gatherings, many of which are included in your stay. From rejuvenating yoga sessions and silent meditations to, women's and men's circles, cacao rituals, dynamic movement workshops and trauma release breathwork, Awake Uvita provides a diverse array of practices designed to support and enhance your personal yoga journey.

Intro Video to Awake Yoga Retreat Center


Discover our exquisite organic plant-based cuisine, crafted from locally sourced ingredients, and nourish your body with pristine water from our very own well. Our high-speed fiber optic internet ensures you stay connected, while the natural beauty of our surroundings invites you to unplug and reconnect with the earth.

Join our vibrant community and create lifelong bonds rooted in authenticity and vulnerability. Allow yourself to be just as you are and learn the skills of authentic relating and awake relating. Beyond your many opportunities to connect with resident guests of Awake, our weekly Ecstatic Dance gathering attracts 60-120 people from the local area, offering you the chance to connect and share your experience with like-minded souls.

Awake Uvita is the ideal destination for those seeking a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with a diverse range of offerings that go beyond the traditional yoga experience. Whether you join us for a week or several weeks, our dedicated team, tranquil environment, and transformative practices will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.

Awake is a multidimensional activation portal that embraces all of Life, located on the energetic vortex of Uvita in Costa Rica


Awake Features & Amenities


Riverfront land with multiple river entrances

Short drive from multiple beaches, waterfalls and national park

Beautiful events, yoga and meditation temple

Cafe Cora for meals, drinks, snacks and socializing

Walking distance from restaurants, cafes and stores

River shala for personal sessions and practices

Multiple accommodation types to fit different styles and budgets

Beautiful tropical gardens

Sound recording studio

Spring water

Upcoming Retreats at Awake

No upcoming events at the moment

Daily life at Awake is designed to be a permanent retreat. With our regular offerings throughout the week of yoga, ceremonies, circles, meditation, dance, breathwork and more, you are fully held and supported to grow, wake up and expand.

In addition to our regular programming, we also offer specific retreat programs that help you to go deeper. 


James, Film-maker

Shany, Israel, Holistic Coach and healer

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Michelle, The Netherlands, Travel Guide

“I don’t even know where to begin to describe the ways in which Awake impacted my life. The land has such a special energy and the love and devotion that is put into the place is felt everywhere. I have had the deepest and most meaningful relationships with people at Awake through the Authentic Relating, the Ecstatic Dance Church and all the other connecting events that took place there. Awake and the people that held the space will forever have a place in my heart❤️”

Ben, New-York USA, Health-Tech Company Founder

“I arrived at Awake as a solo traveler, and after six weeks, left with a group of amazing friends. I feel very lucky that I found a community of like-minded individuals, who can come together and inspire each other.”

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