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What is the awakening process?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We are creating Awake Uvita to support the individual and collective awakening process. But what do I mean by that awakening process?

I am seeing the awakening as having two fundamental dimensions. The first one is the realisation of oneness and the second one is the realisation of the creative force. Although these two dimensions go hand in hand, you might be focusing your attention on one of these two aspects of your awakening at a particular given time. Now let's look in more depth into the nature of these two realisations.

The realisation of oneness :

This is the realisation that the experience of separation created by the persona is an illusion. You are the Self. You are God. You are the great "I AM" in the hearts of all that is. You are the infinite field of awareness that permeates everything. As such, you are Perfect. As a realisation, oneness is not a belief or part of a belief system. It is a knowing. Getting to know the oneness is a gradual process of release of the illusion of the persona. Because the persona is a multilayered and ancient creation, it feels very real. However, a conscious and directed focus of the attention at its core reveals that its apparent solidity only comes from a lack of presence. It is just as a shadow whose apparent reality comes from an absence of light over a given surface area.

The realisation of oneness grows with our ability to be present, our ability to center our attention, to focus it on a center in our body and towards the source of attention itself. This is how we realise that we ARE this attention itself and the ultimate witness or spectator of all that is and could be. That which is given the attention to is merely our creation.

The realisation that we are the Absolute Self of the entire universe and all past and future universes conflicts greatly with the persona that is very limited in nature. In essence, this is a death sentence. Yet the dissolution of the persona in the light of our true Being is a gradual process. The knowing of the Self by the Self, the turning of the attention towards the source from which it comes and the process of dissolution of the persona that follows is what I call the first dimension of the awakening process.

The realisation of the creative force :

This is the realisation that the creative force flows effortlessly from our being, the I AM presence, from our true source or Self. We are not content with just being and radiating pure beingness, we create! It is the realisation that we are constantly creating. At each and every instant, the creative process is in flow. The creative force flows from the source towards what we are thinking and seeing in the mind. It doesn't really matter whether what we are thinking and looking at in the mind is happening consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, creation is happening regardless. In fact, our bodies are being created at every instant by a specific thought in the universal mind. The more we align our awareness with that thought, the more we will feel the wholeness of our bodies vibrate from within and participate in its constant recreation. Creation is happening as us and through us.

When we are in the persona, creation is happening through the thoughts and visions of the persona. When the persona is released and dissolved, creation is happening more and more directly. The persona is built of layers upon layers of resistances to the flow of the creative force, a bit like a resistance on an electric circuit. These resistances create a web of interconnected and colluded tensions, blocks, holds and frictions that create an illusion of separation and struggle from true love, true sustenance and true joy. The second dimension of the awakening process is the process of becoming conscious of the nature of the persona as resistance to the creative force, and its conscious surrender, allowing the creative force to flow through us with less and less restrictions and conditions. It is the realisation that the creative force cannot be blocked or controlled, but only merged with and owned in its pristine wilderness. The humble and perpetually renewed acknowledgement that the persona is distorting rather than improving upon the natural flow. Finally, it is the ownership of the creative force and deliberate, conscious participation in the creative process of the universe and the fulfilment of our individual soul's purpose.

The dissolution of the persona

Each and every soul goes through a unique awakening process, yet the same metaphysical principles of awakening apply for all. It is like the blooming of a flower, each event is preciously unique, yet each one follows similar mechanics. My individual awakening process started 20 years ago when I realised I was the Self of the universe or universal consciousness, yet I was still deeply trapped in the web of the persona. My focus was on restoring my connection with my true identity in a way that could become uninterrupted and undistracted which took 2 years of inner journey, finding a pathway in a muddy web of distortions and tensions. When I finally settled in my I AM presence after 2 years of intensely focused self-inquiry, it felt like the end of my journey. I had found and permanently recovered the Beingness that united me with all of life! Today I see that it was only the beginning as my whole embodied human experience and creative power becomes gradually and more and more deeply realigned with that great I AM!

The persona is such a complex and multidimensional entity that it's dissolution can be a confusing process. Sometimes, it looks and feels as if we are going backwards. At other times, we break through with such profound intensity that it seems as if the entire persona is gone, completely dissolved, leaving the space to only Beingness and life force energy. It is all part of the play and the awakening process. We go through peaks and dark valleys, exploring even deeper darkness that what we even remember starting from. Each peak feels incredible, especially when we look back, but the gift of embodied life quickly helps us realise that we can dissolve more at deeper levels, that we can align more purely with the source of creative energy. There is ever more to awaken to and to master.

How do we awaken?

To awaken is the natural flow. We awake when the time has come. It is useful to understand that talking too much about the "how" can trap us back into Individual Effort. The persona has this habit of bringing everything in relation to itself and it will make awakening as a goal. Do not be fooled by your attempts to appropriate the awakening process. This process is happening right now at its own speed and you can give it support, you can nurture it. With the right support, it can accelerate exponentially. Yet if you try to appropriate it and control it, you will create new blocks and slow it down.

The main ingredient of your awakening process is your focused attention. When the attention flows outwards, when we focus on the physical world and our achievements and circumstances in it, it is mostly the persona who is commanding the attention and where our energy and time get used. The deliberate placement of your attention on the persona and on its subconscious roots will allow you to enlighten your thoughts and the patterns of your mind. In that undertaking, the awakening process starts to flourish. Spending time with other beings who are having the same commitment and are further advanced in the process is a huge help. This gathering of beings committed to their awakening is what we call the "sangha". "Sang" in Sanskrit means to sit. At Awake Uvita, we sit in stillness and silence together to allow all the attention to turn inwards, towards the subconscious. Every day, at 5am and 5pm, we create a field of presence and awareness that greatly benefits all who join it in the same spirit. Many more details will be shared about the nature of the awakening process in future posts and videos.

To conclude this post, the awakening process is our realigning to Truth. It brings us the greatest joy and satisfaction. It is a kind of joy and fulfilment that cannot be experienced in the realm of the individual persona and its goals. We could say that the awakening process is the recalibration of Identity (from Individual Persona to Universal Beingness) and Function (from Individual Effort to Universal Flow) to align with and become a pure expression and channel of the Source.

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