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Shala Portal Ceremony - 1 year birthday

One year ago today, we gathered upon the piece of land that was the building site about to receive the construction of our sacred temple. We shared our intention and vision in how this special space will be serving the collective and performed a ceremony to ground these intentions into the earth and buried them in the ground. Today, one year later, our temple is still receiving its last finishing touches and is getting ready for our inaugural ceremony that will complete the process of fully bringing this temple to life.

What a blessing is a temple for a land and a community! What a sacred gift! We can already see and feel how powerful this portal is and the humbling privilege of standing in service of the numerous souls who will grow, release, expand, learn, express, surrender, create, celebrate, dance, sing, practice, laugh, cry, integrate, heal, awaken, connect, trust, realize, reveal, pray, attune, and so much more! How much richness, how much wealth is being created by a luminous temple of the new earth! Thank Goddess for this opportunity, May humanity be blessed and activated through this offering!

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