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Mon, 24 Jun



The Yoga of Sound Retreat

Discover the ancient Indian sience of sound and vibration with Guru Sameer Inadar - Master from India

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The Yoga of Sound Retreat
The Yoga of Sound Retreat

Time & Location

24 Jun 2024, 07:30 – 28 Jun 2024, 10:00

Uvita, C. Garcias, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica

About the event

Join us for a journey into The Yoga of Sound, where each day is filled with enriching practices in vocal music, classical indian flute, mantra, yoga classes, and breathing exercises. 

Led by renowned Dhrupad flautist and visionary visiting from India, Guru Sameer D Inamdar, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into the ancient science of sound and vibration.

Discover the healing potential of classical Indian music as Guru Sameer shares his extensive expertise in Dhrupad music. As the founder of Dhrupad Gurukul in Pune, India, Guru Sameer has dedicated his life to preserving and teaching this profound art form to students both locally and internationally.

What is this music? 

Dhrupad, the original form of Indian classical music, is not just a musical tradition but a pathway to inner peace and self-discovery. Through its practice, we aim to quiet the mind and elevate consciousness, tapping into the therapeutic benefits of sound and music. As the oldest surviving form of Indian Classical music, it traces its origin to the chanting of vedic hymns and mantras.

Though a highly developed classical art with a complex and elaborate grammar and aesthetics, it is also primarily a form of worship, in which offerings are made to the divine through sound or nada. Dhrupad can be seen at different levels as a meditation, a mantric recitation, a worship, a yoga or tantra based on the knowledge of the nadis and chakras and also purely as a performing art portraying a universe of human emotions. 

In the serene setting of our retreat, immerse yourself in the essence of Naad Yoga, where the vibrations of ancient melodies harmonize with the rhythm of your breath. As Guru Sameer beautifully expresses, "Naad yoga itself is the prayer of the creator." Join us on this sacred journey of sound that will resonate long after the retreat ends.

Dates: June 24-28 

Cost: $225

Accommodation and Food is separate. You don’t need to stay at Awake to attend the retreat.

See Guru Sameer in concert at Awake on Saturday June 15th! 

More information here:

Content of the Retreat: 

There are 3 themes covered in this retreat:

1:  An origin of Naad (cosmic sound current)

• Introduction to the Tanpura, classical instrument for experiencing the ocean of sound and accompanying the voice

• Understand your Voice

• Concept of 'Advait' (non-duality)

• Merging the sound  2:  Realization of Naad

• Origin of sound in human Body

• Understand its impact

• Sound to Synergy - A Divine Process

• Introduction to Shadaj  3: Practical Approach to Naad Yoga

• Understanding the Swaras (notes)

• Practice of Swars with Tanpura

• Chanting with Swars

•Impact of swars (Practical approach)


➢ Meditate with Dhrupad Music

There will be a 45-60 mins session everyday.

The idea is to be in comfortable asana (Sukhasana or Shavasana) and concentrate to Dhrupad Music.

As slow alap will help to focus and to attain Ashtavadhani (Highest level of Concentatration), which is only possible through the live sessions (Compared to Recordings!) due to more revebration and realstic sound.    

➢ Workshop for Dhrupad Flute (Bansuri):

- Introduction to Bansuri

- Scientific way of holding the flute.

- Breath Control and learn to produce sound on flute.

- Introduction to notes on Flute

- Learn Sliding between the notes

- Introduction to Raag

* Please specify if you are interested in learning the bansuri so we can plan the class size accordingly during the retreat

Schedule of the retreat:  

June 24th:

3-5 pm : Opening class

5 pm: Evening Sound meditation (optional)

June 25-27:

7:30 - 9 am : Yoga & Pranayama practice (optional)

10 - 12 : Workshop 

2- 3:15 pm: Class

5 pm: Evening Sound meditation (optional)

June 28th: 

9:15 - 10:15 am: Closing Session

For more information or questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to Zamir through Whatsapp: +50687602315

For accomodations, please book through our website:

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