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Manifest Retreat

Fulfilling the Deeper Callings of the Soul

Manifest Retreat is a powerful laboratory of individual and group exploration of our light and our shadows. It is a portal to become aware of the deeply rooted mind patterns that restrict and limit us. Simultaneously, it is a playground to get a taste of and reestablish our divine power as Creator.


Rameet interviews Govinda on the topic of the upcoming Manifest Retreat at Awake Uvita, 18 February 2023

What is Manifest Retreat?

Manifest Retreat is an activation portal to empower you to realign with the universal laws of creation and restore your ability to fulfill the deeper callings of your soul and higher destiny. 

Manifest Retreat contains a blend of teachings and workshop sessions along with meditation, breathwork, movement classes, integration circles and connection with others. 


The workshops will be exploring shadows and resistances to the deeper flows of creation with a strong grounding in our light. They will also aim at activating the inner energy pathways to help us awaken the feelings related to the fulfillment of our deepest desires. We will do expression and embodiment exercises and role play. We will practice “Awake Relating” which is grounded in authentic relating with the addition of the conscious intention to provoke perspective shifts, break mental barriers and trigger tension release and surrender. 

The workshop dynamics will be based on our power as a group to become observers and mirrors for each other. This mirroring creates a catalyst for profound shifts, integrations and healing. We will use one to ones, triads, full group and other configurations to create a variety of mirrorings in which to reflect and be reflected. Together, we will reveal to ourselves and to each other the deep repressed shadows that maintain control over our outer and inner lives. Finally, we will learn to use the energy contained in these shadows to fuel creativity and our power to manifest our potential.


What are shadows?


Shadows are energies within ourselves that have been consistently repressed and that are not allowed to fully participate in our human conscious experience. Anger, frustration, sadness, resentment, despair, lust, greed, fear… 

We have been taught that these energies and negative emotions are bad, shameful and wrong. We also have observed their destructive and hurtful powers and we have preferred to repress them and block their influences in our lives. However, the reason for their destructive nature is the repression itself and not the fundamental energy or feelings that these experiences contain. 

Guilt, shame and the fear of rejection by others have played the role of a shield to protect our shadows from being explored and revealed to self and others, essentially condemning them to remain cut off. These cuts in our being are the main obstacles to the restoration of our full creative and manifesting abilities. 


In this retreat you will learn to:


  • Understand the deeper dynamics involved with creation and manifestation in relation to the fundamental dimensions of your being (masculine/feminine, holy trinity, chakras)

  • Relax and accept yourself and be seen in full authenticity by others

  • Recognize and realign the patterns of thought, speech and action that maintain your experience in struggle and restrict the natural flows of creation through you

  • Use and direct your life force to open the inner pathways of effortless manifestation

  • Connect to your shadows in a healthy and balanced way to tap into their energy supply

  • Transform the energy contained in your shadows to embody a more wholesome state, fuel creativity and your power to manifest our potential


Who is Govinda?

Govinda is the co-founder and director of Awake that he started 3 years ago. He went through a profound experience of Self realization 20 years ago and has spent the last 20 years on a journey of deepening the alignment of his bodies with his true Self. In that journey, Govinda has explored the play of life as a spiritual growth opportunity through many roles, many places throughout the world, all in service of releasing layers of blocks and resistances to the free and unidentified flow of the life force.


Govinda has learned to apply the laws introduced in this retreat in his own life to gradually enter a state of effortless and joyful manifestation. That state allowed him to create 11 years ago a very successful natural health business (which then helped hundreds of thousands of people to relieve various types of physical pain and stress with acupressure and nervous system stimulation). 3 years ago he founded Awake Uvita as an actualization of a deeper soul calling to hold space for awakening and transformation. 

He is passionate about sharing that journey with other souls on the same path and in helping Consciousness remember its absolute, pristine and sovereign nature.





This price is in USD and only includes the participation to the retreat: 395$


Costa-rican nationals: 345$

Accommodation Options


See options here

Please contact us to inquire on prices and availabilities

Food Options

High vibe buffet meals available at Cafe Cora

(Pay by weight - vegan, mostly organic - average for 3 meals 25-40$ per day)

2.5$ / 100g

Communal kitchen

(buy, prepare and clean after your own food - Storage and fridge space available but limited)

50$ for the week

Bookings and payments


Please contact Katherine: 


Payments options:

  • Bitcoin (3% discount)

  • Wise 

  • Paypal (send to friend)

  • Cash at Awake Uvita

  • Bank transfer (Costa-Rica, US, Canada, or EU)

  • Credit card (3% extra charge)

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