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Male Sexual Energy Mastery

A series of 3 classes/workshops to learn taoist male sexual energy mastery

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Throughout the tapestry of existence, our souls often find themselves split between the sexual center, the heart, and the intellect. In this retreat, we delve into the process of recreating the natural wholeness of our being, infusing it with sexual charge to manifest its fullest potential.


Your sexual energy yearns to be liberated from your shadows and social constructs. In the sacred space of this retreat, we illuminate the divine nature of this energy, freeing it from the shackles of our inner demons. Together, we restore the rivers of life to their pristine flow, contributing to a collective reality of harmony and abundance.

A Journey to your Utmost Flowering

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These workshops are for you if you wish to:

  • Open pathways to your highest potential.

  • Reveal your wholeness and create harmony among all dimensions of your being.

  • Connect to the source of endless joy, love, and confidence.

  • Bring light into your shadows.

  • Expand lovemaking into powerful life-changing ceremonies.

  • Revitalize your organs and your health

  • Receive inspiration from other men on the same transformative journey.

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This 3 class series will include:

  • Exploration of the philosophy and wisdom linked to sexual energy transmutation

  • Initiation into practices to shift the pranic flow, reprogram the nervous system and harmonize the inner polarities

  • Group sharings and guidance

  • There will be no explicit sexual practices and nudity during the group sessions but homework assignments will be given for individual practice

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Seed of eternal life

Crucial for the enlightenment of body, mind, and soul, sexual energy can either be dissipated physically or emotionally, repressed with spiritual strength, or consciously held through the entirety of the spectrum of consciousness—revealing your multidimensional and eternal self.

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Genital orgasm and ejaculation are trigger responses of the nervous system and, although offering an exhilarating high, leave the soul emptier. A powerful and sudden release of neurotransmitters in our nervous system makes genital orgasm highly addictive, transforming men into sexual junkies.


Learning the art of transmuting sexual energy is a commitment to deep self-presence and the permanent release of physical and psycho-emotional tensions. Together, we explore the shadows where repressed tensions hide, deepening our understanding of their patterns for easy recognition.

Learn the wisdom and tools to radically transform your lovemaking experience into healing, activating and harmonizing communion. Conscious, non-dissipative lovemaking expands us into powerful conductors of life force and generators of heaven on earth.

If you are celibate, this retreat will help you to handle your sexual energy on your own and to use it to accelerate your enlightenment journey.


Class dates:
22, 29 January & 5 February


Class series price: 60$

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with Govinda

Guided to Taoist and Tantric wisdom teachings at the age of 19, Govinda recognized their crucial importance for living a life at the highest spiritual potential. Committing to immediately and permanently let go of his addiction to genital orgasm, he embarked on a journey of soul discovery, multidimensional healing, and expansion. Over the past 22 years , Govinda has been continuously liberated, healed and initiated into new dimensions of life, love, and light.
He co-founded Awake Uvita in 2020 to support and inspire others on the same journey.

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