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Discover The Blueprint To A Transformative Yoga Practice

Jan. 3-10

Yoga is more than just postures…it’s a whole approach to life.



Learn yoga through an integrative approach combining classical studies psychology, biology, quantum physics and neuroscience.

A session of yogic postures, breathing & meditation is followed by exciting talks on yoga philosophy, scientific discoveries and personal reflection to deepen your understanding of the practice.

By the end you’ll become confident in your ability to live a truly transformative yoga practice that is your best friend on the Inner Path taken by every soul on journey of self-knowledge.

3 pillars of our Practice

Explore the yogic tradition as an open-ended system for cultivating ethical character, training the mind and realizing the Self.

Over 2,500 years ago, the sage Patanjali created a blueprint for the yoga journey. According to this blueprint, yoga is comprised of three interlocking aspects of practice; discipline, self-study, and devotion.

This trinity, comprises the essential process of yoga and you will learn about them through both theory and application in this immersion

A Yoga Tool Designed for this Immersion
  • Symbolic art that activates hidden connections in the subconscious

  • Stimulating questions to make the philosophy relevant in your life

  • Guided contemplations and suggested practices

  • Spiritual stories that convey the deeper meanings behind the concepts

This tool will help guide you from within as the study of yoga teachings becomes a journey uniquely your own.


Following this immersion, the deck will continue to guide and connect you with the insights and knowledge you experienced over the weekend.

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Day 1 - The World of Yoga

We start with a 10,000 foot view or yogas origins, core philosophies, sciences and how it evolved into the practices we know today.

Day 2 - Yogic Ethics & Living The Dharma

 With powerful explanations and guided exercises, we'll yoga's guidelines for living so that our practice and relations with others are harmonious and clear.

Day 3 - The Anatomy of Practice

When you understand the psycho-spiritual anatomy of the practice a huge ‘aha’ moment happens for you - opening the door to a whole new dimension of yoga. Explore this anatomy of practice through the yogic observances called "Niyama".

Day 4 - Gravity and Grace

The mat is where we get to explore the connection between body, breath and mind through movement. In this class we will explore the principles of gravity & grace, opening new possibilities in our practice of asana and pranayama. 

Day 5 - The Art of Breath

In pranayama we still the body while refining and directing energy with our intent. Discover the different ways to use breath to work on healing, focus and flow in your life.

Day 6 - Mind, Senses & The Material World

The ability to reclaim and control the wandering of our senses is an indispensable part of yogic training. Discover the 5 conditions of mind, explore concentration practices and do fun exercises that build confidence of mind.

Day 7 - Entering Stillness

Explore the foundations of yogic meditation and discover knowledge and practices to bring this transformative limb of yoga into your life. This will be a day of entering deep into silence together

Day 8 - Integration Day

 You'll take what you've learned and assemble a transformative practice that fits into your life. Using the Inner Path as a guide, you'll create a reference for what you learned throughout the immersion that will be a practice aid for the years to come.

Inner Path Facilitator : Zamir Dhanji

Yoga teacher training Awake Uvita Costa Rica

Zamir served as an instructor in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy for the Langara College yoga teacher training program, teaching both in Vancouver and internationally. 

His hatha yoga training was influenced by a number of teachers – particularly Swami Sivananda and Donna Farhi – and he completed his 500 hr teacher training under David Goulet in Chakra Yoga. 

He has spent a decade studying buddhism under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HUMUH : Clear Mind Buddhism.

In 2020 he founded Mystic Yogi and published The Inner Path, a yoga philosophy practice deck with stunning art and contemporary guidance for yoga seekers looking to integrate the 8 limbs of yoga into their life.

Zamir is also a holistic counsellor. trained in somatic-based psychotherapy by Dr. Gabor Mate.


Ready to join us?
Jan  3- 10, 2024

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Step 1


Tuition and accommodation are paid separately. Go here to pay for your tuition and reserve your spot in the program. This is high season so we recommend that you get your spot as soon as you can. 

Tuition Price: $695

Step 2

Accommodation & Food

Go to our accommodation page and choose the option that works for you. When you submit your booking, let us know it is for the Inner Path retreat and you will get a special rate sheet that includes food and accommodation for the program.

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