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Expand Retreat

Becoming a higher version of your true divine self

Immerse yourself in a nurturing space and time specifically designed to activate your life force and elevate the power of your energetic field. Deepen your practice of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-growth as you release the blocks that stand in the way of accessing your true potential.


What is Expand Retreat?

Expand Retreat is an opportunity to empower yourself, embrace self-love, and reconnect your spirit with your human self, all within the supportive and transformative environment of the Awake field.


Through a diverse range of effective practices such as breathwork, meditation, movement, deep soul talks, and a lighter, nutrient-rich diet (including a full day of fresh cold-pressed juices), you will become more attuned to your personal truth and gain clarity about your purpose in life. This holistic approach will work deeply on your mind, body, and spirit, activating the kundalini energy and accelerating your journey into a deeper state of wholeness.


By activating and expanding your consciousness and personal energetic field, you will become more magnetic and vibrant, allowing a more powerful flow of life force through your being. This transformation will help you live more effortlessly and in alignment with your soul's deeper purpose, bringing forth greater abundance, joy, and love into your life.



Expand Retreat is an invitation to liberate yourself from old ways of being, stagnant patterns, and limiting beliefs, and open up to new ways of experiencing reality. Discover the power of living authentically and unapologetically, embracing your unique gifts and talents, and stepping into your true essence.


Throughout this transformative retreat, you will be guided by experienced facilitators, who will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary for lasting change. You will also connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey, fostering a sense of community, understanding, and belonging.


Embrace a more playful, ecstatic, and harmonious life through this immersive and transformative retreat. Awaken your inner power, unleash your creative potential, and step into a life that is truly aligned with your highest aspirations.



Be more fully yourself 

Integrate the mind, body and spirit into one coherent whole

Tap into higher states of consciousness

Use breath as a tool to activate and amplify the sensations of your experience 

Release the blocks that restrict your access to and embodiment of your higher self

Expand the vibrational field of your heart and connect to your "I AM" presence

Deepen your perception of the spirit realm

Purify and detoxify your body and mind

About the Space Holders


Govinda is the co-founder and director of Awake that he started 3 years ago. He went through a profound experience of Self realization 20 years ago and has spent the last 20 years on a journey of deepening the alignment of his bodies with his true Self. In that journey, Govinda has explored the play of life as a spiritual growth opportunity through many roles, many places throughout the world, all in service of releasing layers of blocks and resistances to the free and unidentified flow of the life force.


Govinda has been on a journey of soul expansion for the last twenty years. He learned practices from numerous traditions and committed at a young age to a life dedicated to the spiritual journey and to continuously challenge his boundaries.  Govinda created a very successful natural health business (which then helped hundreds of thousands of people to relieve various types of physical pain and stress with acupressure and nervous system stimulation). 3 years ago he founded Awake Uvita as an actualization of a deeper soul calling to hold space for awakening and transformation. 

He is passionate about sharing that journey with other souls on the same path and in helping Consciousness remember its absolute, pristine and sovereign nature.


Sayani has traveled the world, observed people, studied human consciousness, she explored different cultures and their healing methods. All of the experiences she has had with different healing modalities, tribes and plant medicines have though her different tools to live a very blissful life. A big part of her teachings and techniques are based on the power of vibrations and frequencies. She believes in a balanced connection between the material and spiritual world in order to live a healthy life in every aspect. 


It is all about the perfect balance in everything, it is all about the PRESENT moment and right PERSPECTIVE. HER core life believe is that only LOVE can HEAL the world, and only TRUST can eliminate the FEAR. Each of us is a unique individual, that has special gifts and talents. Each of us is an important part of the whole and our purpose is to contribute into better world with our essence.


Through different holistic tools and practices, she will guide you to find your inner light and your true purpose in life, helping you to tap into the frequency of love and abundance where you will discover the directions for your life path.


She will support you on this journey of self-discovery and healing, so you can open up more to see the magic of each moment, learn how to trust life and listen to your inner voice. 

​Sayani will provide you with all the support and love you need in your process of transformation & awakening.


You have an opportunity to expand further at the end of the Expand Retreat with the "Breath and Bufo Breakthrough Journey". Expand Retreat is designed to prepare you to make the most out of this journey with breath, Krya Yoga and a powerful activation with the bufo alvarius medicine. 





This price is in USD and only includes the participation to the retreat (excludes accommodation and food).

Early bird prices valid for all confirmed participation before 22 June.

Expand Retreat (11-16 July):

Early bird: 444$

Regular: 477$


Breath & Bufo Breakthrough Journey (16-18 July):

Early bird: 333$

Regular: 369$


Full Expansion Journey (11-18 July):