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Foundation for a new earth

For the first time in known human civilization, we have a framework to organize society on a base that is fair, transparent, global, non-violent, non-discriminatory and reliable. That framework is bitcoin.

The impacts of this invention on humanity are only starting to be felt. They are going much deeper than most people realize at this early stage. 

What is bitcoin?

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Govinda the co-founder of Awake is explaining the importance of Bitcoin for humanity, for the individual and why Awake is becoming a hub in service of the bitcoin community.

Bitcoin is a vast topic of learning and exploration about a variety of life's dimensions. Starting to invest some time in one's bitcoin education is a smart decision to equip oneself for the future.

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Bitcoin & the Awakening Journey

Opening our mind to what Bitcoin is and how it impacts humanity involves a deep journey of genuine and humble inquiry. We cannot go very deep in this inquiry when our mind is full of preconceived notions inherited from the existing model of civilization and monetary system. 

Bitcoin requires from us to acknowledge our own ignorance on fundamental questions about money, energy, value, fairness, morality and even virtue and transcendence. Our attachments to identities and borrowed or rigid ideas will prevent us from joyfully and innocently dive back into the state of students of human life. 

The invention and birth of Bitcoin and its impact on humanity are so profound that it might take several generations for humanity to get a clear collective perspective on the nature and magnitude of that breakthrough. 

In the meantime, we can use Bitcoin to understand our nature as human beings, reflect on our faults and limitations in relation to the rest of humanity, and to learn to align with superior values of truth and integrity.

Bitcoin & Awake

Awake is committed to the acceleration and amplification of the bitcoin signal that is spreading globally and freeing humanity from generations of power abuse from central powers.


Awake is committed to usher humanity into an era of self-sovereignty and self determination, empowerment, freedom, respect to self and others and fairness.


Awake recognizes the emergence of the bitcoin network as the main tool that makes this goal not only achievable but very likely if not unavoidable. It is now up to us to align ourselves to this new reality and manifest it together.

How to use bitcoin at Awake?

  • Payments for our offers which include accommodation, food, beverages, events, workshops, trainings, retreats.

  • Convert USD and CRC to bitcoin both ways at Awake in cash, and in some case with paypal, wise & bank transfer (service fees and minimum transaction amounts apply)

  • Donate to Awake in bitcoin to support our mission!




Bitcoin Jungle

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A non-profit grassroots movement 

Awake is partnering with Bitcoin Jungle to support initiatives for the development of the bitcoin ecosystem in Uvita, the broader region, Costa-Rica and the world! 

Bitcoin Jungle offers a phone app supported by a state of the art lightning infrastructure to ensure a smooth experience for all their users.

Free lightning transactions, instant conversion of amounts to and from Colones and a map of all local merchants who accept bitcoin make this app ideal to use as your wallet for daily transactions in Costa-Rica.

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Nostrica 2023

Awake Uvita was hosting the very first NOSTR unconference gathering in March 2023 which was gathering over 300 developers, promoters and users of the NOSTR protocol. A protocol for decentralized social networks based on decentralized cryptography and closely related to Bitcoin.

The video below was shot at Awake Uvita and explains what is NOSTR and why it is so important at this time.

Bitcoin misconceptions

There are many misconceptions that surround bitcoin and keep many in confusion in relation to this extraordinary emergence. Clearing these misconceptions is usually a long journey as there are many layers and dimensions to consider in the topics that bitcoin concerns such as economics, finance, monetary theory, sociology, politics, psychology, information technology, governance, entrepreneurship, energy production, ecology, spirituality and many more.

Bitcoin is backed by its unique and inimitable digital qualities to serve the function of digital money. It is secured by the biggest wall of physical energy infrastructure in the world that ensures a balanced grounding of its digital properties within our physical reality and the inability of governments or big corporations to exercise control over the network. 

Contrary to popular belief, bitcoin is not just a crypto-currency and cannot be compared with other crypto-assets or tokens. "Crypto" is all the rage and the scene of a lot of speculation and technological development but this cannot be considered in the same way as the type of revolution that bitcoin represents. Furthermore, emotional and/or financial involvement with other crypto assets is usually a main obstacle on the path to deeper levels of understanding of bitcoin due to the cognitive dissonance that it creates. 


Bitcoin is the only proof-of-work blockchain network in the world that is leaderless and decentralized. The very nature of global decentralization makes it impossible to be intentionally replicated by any individual or group. 

As you deepen your discovery and study of bitcoin, you will realize that it represents a tremendous blessing for sustainability, renewable energy production, the health of our planet, the physical, mental and spiritual health of humans, and more... All this despite the fact that bitcoin is painted as the opposite by the people who stand to lose from its breakthrough success.

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