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This guide outlines Awake’s guest policies for 2024.
All policies are subject to change, as they reflect the needs of our growing community.
  • Length of Stay

    • We require a minimum of 7 nights booking throughout the year. The exceptions are:

      • Only during designated periods, minimum of 3 nights if filling a fixed gap in the schedule of 6 nights or less.

      • Minimum of 3 nights if fully attending an Awake retreat.

      • Visiting Artist who is performing during their stay.

      • Friends referred by Management Team.

      • Emergency situations decided by Management Team.

    • We require minimum 24 hours advanced notice to create a booking.

  • Extra Guest

    • Every additional Guest (beyond 1 per accommodation) incurs a $10/night additional charge, excluding children 12 & under.

    • Guest Invitees are not allowed on the property without written permission from an Awake Management Team Member. See Day Visitor policies.

  • Children & Pets

    • Children are allowed, as long as they are in supervision of their parents. Children going unsupervised could result in the request for the parents to supervise, or for guest removal from premises and loss of security deposit.

    • Children ages 12 and under require a $300 security deposit at time of booking. Multiple children only require one $300 security deposit.

    • No pets are allowed on the property.

  • Payment

    • We suggest to guests to pay their entire booking amount at time of booking in order to reserve a booking. A minimum deposit is only offered upon request.

    • If requested, a guest must pay a minimum of 50% deposit of the entire booking amount in order to reserve a booking.

    • Full payment must be made at time of check-in.

    • Payment methods are listed at

  • Check-in

    • 1:30pm-4pm: Guests may begin the check-in process in the reception office.

    • 3pm: Guests will be invited into their room. If the room is available earlier, reception may show them to their room earlier.

    • 4pm-7pm: For late check-in, guests must notify reception at least 24 hours in advance of their check-in date. Reception will resource from the Awake Team to show the Guest to their room. Guests arriving during this time must check-in with reception the following business day between 1:30pm-4pm.

    • After 7pm: Guests are not guaranteed accommodation.

  • Check-out

    • 11am: Guests must check out.

    • Late check out: Guests may request a late check-out at least 24 hours before check-out.

  • Extensions

    • In order to be considered, extensions must be requested at least 24 hours before check-out.

  • Communication

    • We will try to reply by end of work day. Otherwise, we will reply by noon the next work day.

    • Reservation hours are 9am-12pm, Monday - Friday.

  • Deposits, Refunds, and Cancellations

    • Deposits

      • If requested, guests can pay a 50% deposit to book an accommodation. The full cost of the accommodation must be paid by check-in, and is encouraged to pay at time of booking for simplicity of check-in process.

    • Cancellations

      • If guest cancels prior to 14 days before check-in date, we keep 50% of their total booking cost, and can return the rest if paid.

      • If guest cancels less than 14 days before check-in date, there are no refunds.

      • If guest leaves early, there are no refunds.

    • Date Changes

      • If guests change their dates prior to 14 days before original check-in date, we may be able to accommodate their request, if available, and transfer the deposit to the new dates. If the new booking is for fewer days, we keep the deposit for those extra days.

      • If guests change their dates less than 14 days before original check-in date, there are no refunds on the original dates.

  • What are they? Lumies are the on-land currency, for use primarily in Cafe Cora. Lumies are used in the form of a pre-paid gift card. Lost Lumies cards cannot be replaced. Lumies are tied in value to the dollar.

  • Included? During the High Season (December through May), Awakeners receive $50 Lumies in credit for every full week one room is booked at Awake. Two Awakeners staying in the same room only receive $50 for one week. No lumies are included in Green Season stays (June through November) as rooms are offered at significant discounts.

  • How to buy more? Awakeners can purchase Lumies by communicating with the front office, or at the register at Cafe Cora.

  • Repayment? Upon request, pre-purchased Lumies can be repaid in USD equivalent if unused. Lumies that are included in weekly stay, or in work exchange will not be repaid. Unused pre-purchased Lumies will be refunded upon request within 5 business days after check-out.

  • Work Exchange Lumies: Lumies assigned to work exchangers must be used by the work exchanger to whom they are assigned. They cannot be transferred or used for friends, not are they eligible for desserts or bottled drinks.

Amenities & Use of Space
  • Laundry

    • $2/load for detergent. $3/load for dryer use. Awakeners must report their usage to the front office or Cafe Cora cashier via the honor system.

    • Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-9pm, Sat-Sun 7am-9pm

    • Payment can be made with Lumies or any method at

  • Kitchen

    • Unless the accomodation includes a private kitchen, there is no kitchen available to Guests.

  • Land & River

    • The river is public and can be used at any time with awareness. Local custom is to wear a bathing suit. Awake has no policy on clothing in the river.

    • Do not pick flowers or change plant structure without permission from an Awake Team Member.

    • Guests are free to explore the grounds of Awake while keeping a mindful distance from living spaces, as well as temple spaces (Surya Shala) while in use.

    • Casa Ola living room and kitchen is off limits to guests except by express invitation by an Awake Team Member.

  • Fans & AC

    • AC is optional for $15/night extra in Glamping Tents.

    • AC is only available full-time in Garden Suites, Shakti bus, Ananda bus, Ola bus, and River Casitas.

    • Ceiling fans work in Casitas, Garden Suites, Cora Rooms, and all Casa Ola rooms.

    • Portable fans are not guaranteed for Glamping Tents.

  • Parking

    • Parking is allowed during a Guest’s stay in the main parking lot.

    • No parking is allowed outside of a Guest’s stay without written permission from an Awake Management Team Member.

Event Prices & Attendance
  • Awakeners staying 1 week or longer

    • Free Events:

      • Daily Meditation

      • Ecstatic Dance

    • Discounts:

      • Special Events and Weekly Flow Events, each stated individually

  • Awakeners staying less than one week

    • Same as Day Visitors. Just meditation.

Day Visitors

A Day Visitor is someone who does not have current accommodation at Awake, but is on the land. The most common reasons for Day Visitors are events like ecstatic dance, concerts, and others.

  • A Day Visitor can be on the land for free if they are:

    • attending an event

    • eating a purchased meal at Cafe Cora

    • an invited guest of the Awake Team

  • A Day Visitor who wants to enjoy the land or visit a friend is $10 and must check-in at Reception. If Reception is not available, no Day Visitor is allowed apart from the above listed reasons

  • A Day Visitor can visit at the following hours:

    • within 30 minutes of event opening and closing times if attending the event

    • during meal time at Cafe Cora if purchasing a meal

    • invited times by the sponsoring Awake Team Member if an invited guest

    • during Reception hours if paying to visit Awake

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