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from Awake guests and facilitators

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Alchemys, Greece, Designer

Awake for me is a space allowing for self actualisation and inner alchemy. Something I live by. Every detail in and of the space invokes the awakening potential that is unique to everyone who is attracted there, no matter the phase they are in their life journey. From the physical spaces of the main shala and river that flows through the property to the organic heart prepared vegetarian and vegan food, everything is built to support this process. Something I also felt very connected with where also the weekly activities of ecstatic dance church, women circle and authentic relating. This is a place I will always call a womb of the new earth and I am forever grateful to the universe guiding me there and connecting with soul family. 



Marie, Yoga Teacher

Before arriving at Awake, I thought it was just a host for a standard yoga training. I was hesitant to arrive early, fearing I would miss the ocean and true Pura Vida experience.

I went there to assist my teacher and found a transformative experience supported by a land and community with integrity and intention. The day I arrived, I merged with the river, which received my grief, pain, fears, joy, and relief.

Every space at Awake is built with loving intentions. Each meal, gathering, circle, and ecstatic dance offers healing across multiple dimensions. Women's circle empowered me, and the food nourished and transformed my body.

Twice daily meditation circles bookended each day. Sundays were dance church, celebrating the body, connection, sobriety, and presence. Spontaneous music jams and connections with unique, awakening souls were abundant.

The community at Awake is healing and holds us accountable to our highest living, asking for our raw contribution to humanity. Being awake means being aware of the dream.

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Ben, New-York USA, Health-Tech Company Founder

“I arrived at Awake as a solo traveler, and after six weeks, left with a group of amazing friends. I feel very lucky that I found a community of like-minded individuals, who can come together and inspire each other.”


Arzina, Yoga teacher, New-York

Awake is a wonderful place to stay if you are looking for a conscious loving community! I initially came here for yoga teacher training for a month. I decided to stay back for a couple weeks longer because of how supportive and nourishing I found the people and land to be. Everything from their weekly events, intentional food, sacred land, and kind-hearted souls made me feel so at home the moment I arrived.

I also didn’t realize how powerful the sisterhood is here, and as a woman, it was the most healing gift I could have asked for. I highly recommend Awake for anyone who is on their own path of growth or healing. It is a magical place like no other!!

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Michelle, The Netherlands, Travel Guide

“I don’t even know where to begin to describe the ways in which Awake impacted my life. The land has such a special energy and the love and devotion that is put into the place is felt everywhere. I have had the deepest and most meaningful relationships with people at Awake through the Authentic Relating, the Ecstatic Dance Church and all the other connecting events that took place there. Awake and the people that held the space will forever have a place in my heart❤️”

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