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Ecstatic Dance Church Sundays

Letting life dance through us every Sunday with various amazing DJ's.

Ecstatic Dance Church Sundays
Ecstatic Dance Church Sundays

Horario y ubicación

05 may 2024, 11:11 a. m. – 1:00 p. m.

Uvita, C. Garcias, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica

Acerca del evento

Intention May we offer our prayers, for ourselves and for this Earth, with our entire being.May we surrender to the life force and to Great Spirit, everything is blessed if we allow it to be felt.​May we reveal more of the Self, integrating all that we are as one ecstatic flow.What is Ecstatic Dance?

 Ecstatic Dance is a gathering focused on a journey through music and movement.  It is a space of self-exploration and self-expression that is free from judgement and free from social expectations.​An Ecstatic Dance is a dance that invites us to bring our attention inside, releasing any performance or social pressures, and allowing ourselves to be just as we are. The music is there to activate and resonate with different parts of our being that we are invited to bring into expression through movement. This journey encourages the integration of different parts of our being, the circulation of prana and healing.

Read more about the history of Ecstatic Dance

When and how to participate?

 We hold Ecstatic Dance on a weekly basis on Sunday morning. People can arrive from 10:30am and we'll start at 11:11. The exchange is a sliding scale 5000 - 12000 colones.​​​ Simply show up at Awake on Sunday. No registratio in advance needed. 

 We ask you to join the Ecstatic Church space under the following agreements :​ 

  • We will respect the Ecstatic Dance context which includes : No talking : Ecstatic dance is a ceremony that is held though movement and sound, stillness and silence. We commit to restrain from verbal communication from the opening circle to the closing circle in the temple, around the temple and on the plaza in front of the temple. For a conversation, we walk away to the fire circle or the lounge. Stepping a few steps out of the shala of the temple is not far enough and we ask you to be out of sight from the temple to talk during the ceremony. Consensual engagement : Look for consent when engaging with someone on the dance floor. Honor yourself and show a Namaste hand sign when you need space. No drugs/plant medicines/alcohol and other psychoactive substances before and during the dance and the time at Awake No shooting of pictures or videos without explicit consent from the participants​ 
  • Cleanliness : We maintain a clean space for others to remain in honoring of the space and the participants. Cleanliness involves coming to the ceremony reasonably clean, not leaving any trash or compost anywhere but in the trash bin or compost (in the Cora), keeping a clean mind by abstaining from drugs and alcohol, avoiding to disperse sweat on the dance floor if we sweat profusely by wearing a top (and mopping the floor regularly if we spread meaningful amounts of sweat anyway).​ 
  • Respect of the time container : We ask that all Ecstatic Church participants leave the space by a specific time. That time is typically 3:30-4pm but is sometimes adjusted based on the activities and needs of the Awake community. Please be mindful to honor that time.​ 
  • No dogs : Please do not bring dogs at Awake. If you absolutely must bring a dog, please attach your dog around the entrance gate of the property until you leave.​ 
  • Personal food : Please do not consume your own food at Cafe Cora and its lounge nor in or around the Surya Shala and its front plaza. You may consume your food on Awake grounds in nature as long as you pick up all your trash before you leave.-​​

Sunday Lunch Buffet

 ​We are offering an organic, plant-based, delicious lunch buffet every Sunday right after Ecstatic Dance at 1:30pm. The cost is based on weight at 1400 colones per 100g.- 


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