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Precious Mirrors All Around

We are the medicine for each other

In Service to the Community

The intention for Awake is to create a space of authenticity and mutual empowerment. What does it mean for you to be truly yourself in front of others? How can we hold space together for our awakening?

The community is a meeting of founders, long term awake space holders, medium term residents, short term visitors and event participants. It is usually rich, dynamic and very rewarding to bathe in the communal atmosphere. We strive to find a balance between personal time and communal time.


Communal spaces are mostly optional. We have twice daily meditation in the Surya Shala at 5am and 5pm and weekly circling practice. We share a vegan organic communal dinner from Monday to Friday. Regular authentic relating workshops and courses.

Other activities that will become more and more regular are : concerts, fire circles, wisdom talks, ecstatic dance, sound journeys, breathwork, temascal ceremonies, yoga, chi-kung, cacao ceremonies, kirtan, communal workouts, and more! 

Join Us!

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We are looking for people who feel a calling to experience community life and who are passionate about helping to birth a new center for the community. If you feel deeply committed to your own awakening and growth and that of others and the planet, we are interested to hear from you!

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